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We invite you to visit our retail sites.

If you look around you will find that our retail prices are very low, usually 30%-50% lower then our competitors. Even most wholesaler's prices are higher then our retail prices. We can do this because we are the manufacturer and basically we sell to the public at wholesale prices.

    There are many advantages to buying from our retail sites
  • No need to buy in multiples, you can buy one single item
  • A much larger product selection
  • Easier purchasing, no sign-up
  • Better service with color and sizing options
  • You get the same service that all our retail customers enjoy

Please visit one of our sites below but note that we no longer offer wholesale pricing regardless of how large your order is, everyone pays the same price. Please don't ask for wholesale pricing.

Micronack Technologies is one of the leading manufactures in leather BDSM and Bondage gear.  We began our leather company in 2000 and today we now offer over 300 handmade leather BDSM and Bondage gear. We do not claim to be the "largest in the world", we do not claim to be "selling on the internet even before the internet was around". 

What we do claim is 




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